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Blubrake ABS for e-cargo bikes

Be it for personal, family, commercial or delivery purposes, e-cargo bikes have taken off over the last few years and it is clear that they represent the future of urban mobility.

E-cargo bikes are conceived to carry heavy loads and reach high speeds, every day thousands of workers use them to deliver goods all around the world and always more families prefer cargo bikes instead of cars, in order to comfortably carry their children around or run their daily errands.

Exactly for their configuration and function, safety is a sensitive topic when speaking about e-cargo bikes.

In fact, while riding we often experience sudden braking, just think how many times we have to come to an unexpected stop while riding in crowded urban roads or on bumpy tarmac. In these situations, we might apply too much pressure on the front brake and as a result the front wheel, or wheels (depending on the model of the e-cargo bike) lock up, causing the cargo bike to skid and become unstable. The rider will lose control of the bike, most likely falling from the bike.

In order to increase the safety of every rider, blubrake decided to design the first and only ABS for e-cargo bikes in the market. Blubrake ABS for e-cargo bikes has been specifically developed for this kind of bike with two main characteristics:


The system is open and versatile, meaning that e-cargo bikes manufactures can easily integrate it on every e-cargo model as it is compatible with every braking system, battery and wheel size on the market

The system is smart, as its sophisticated algorithms can predict every dynamic and the system functions correctly on every kind of terrain and whether the load is full or empty

Thanks to blubrake ABS system, e-cargo bikes are not only the ultimate green and sustainable mean of transport, but they are also safer.

No front wheel lock-up and no skids

Improved stability and manoeuvrability  

blubrake ABS at work

Under hard or sudden braking, blubrake ABS intervenes and prevents the wheel locking, delivering controlled braking for a safer, more confident ride.

blubrake ABS for e-cargo bikes: the components

Speed sensor

The speed sensor measures the front wheel (or wheels, depending on the e-cargo model) speed and transmits the information to the electronic unit.
Electronic unit

The electronic unit estimates the e-cargo bike dynamics starting from the measurements collected by the frame acceleration sensors and the front speed sensor, then detects potentially dangerous conditions that can occur during hard braking.

In such conditions, the actuator intervenes and continuously controls the front braking force to guarantee smoother braking and increased maneuverability of the cargo bike.

Displays the correct functioning of the system. The indicator lamp has two states:
- Green: the ABS system is correctly working
- Yellow: the ABS system is disabled, due to initial system test or due to a fault. In this condition the brake system works as without ABS.

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Copyright 2019, Blubrake S.r.l. | P. IVA 09249230963 | N.REA MI-2078648 | Cap. Soc. € 16.257,80 (i.v.) | Policy Privacy e Cookie