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Blubrake and Stromer present the first and only S-Pedelec with integrated ABS

Thanks to its partnership with Stromer, S-Pedelec European market leader, Blubrake presents this segment’s first and only frame integrated ABS. A segment that, due to the high speeds these bikes can reach, requires safe braking systems that are suitable for high-risk city environments. This safety measure has no impact whatsoever on design, maintaining the elegance and minimalism that identifies Stromer as the benchmark brand in the high-end S-Pedelec market.

Stromer ST5 ABS


No front wheel lock-up, controlled braking on every surface and protection against rolling over 

The Stromer ST5 ABS is the first Speed Pedelec with a fully integrated anti-lock braking system, able to regulate the power of the front brake and provide additional safety under challenging road, slippery surfaces and traffic conditions.

Blubrake ABS for S-Pedelecs


A specific software to meet S-pedelecs needs 

Compared to e-bikes, S-Pedelecs can reach higher speeds and therefore generate greater braking forces, hence why Blubrake’s research team developed specific software that was purpose-designed for this type of bike. 

New functionalities for sporty cyclists  

Not only, a new functionality allows smarter and more sporty cyclists to override the anti-lift off function, simply by using the HMI interface fitted on the bike. 

A real revolution for the e-bike world since it is the very first ABS to be equipped with this functionality.


Certified in Europe and the US: ready to be fitted in every S-Pedelec

Blubrake ABS for S-Pedelecs has met the requirements of several tests, some very stringent, as a result of which we have obtained product certifications for the category standards, both in Europe and the US.

Morever, Blubrake ABS is an open system, this means that it can be integrated with every battery pack and every braking system on the market.

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Copyright 2019, Blubrake S.r.l. | P. IVA 09249230963 | N.REA MI-2078648 | Cap. Soc. € 16.257,80 (i.v.) | Policy Privacy e Cookie