blubrake’s ABS


blubrake has developed the first ABS (anti-lock braking system) in the world suitable for e-bikes that can be integrated into the bike frame. The system has been conceived to drastically increase safety on any e-bike, from city e-bikes to mountain e-bikes. A light and invisible technology, effective when you need it


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Main features:

Lightweight, it can be integrated
into the bike frame

The components of ABS blubrake, with a total weight of under 500 grams, can be integrated into the bike frame. This is because we want to make sure that each bike frame, a fundamental characteristic of a bike, can be treated by the manufacturer according to its particular style.

It can be installed
on any kind of e-bike

The algorithms that control the process have been developed with the complex dynamics of mountain bikes in mind that face all kinds of uneven terrain, steps and jumps. This has allowed the technology to be easily transferable to traditional city e-bikes.


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