blubrake ABS

The first and only integrated ABS for e-bikes in the market

An innovative system to drastically increase safety in every situation, on every kind of e-bike: from city to trekking, from e-mtb to cargo.


Surveys show that 58% of the accidents involving e-bikes happens during braking and 24% are related to braking.
39% of fall events is caused by the front wheel lock up, 25% by a loss of balance. With blubrake ABS the e-bike is safe in every condition, almost the most extreme ones. 

ABS Actuator

It has been designed to be able to continuously and instantly reduce and increase the pressure in the brake. This particular, patented, technology derives from Formula 1 and motorcycle racing experience.

Electronic Board

It’s the “brain” of the ABS. Our team of engineers implemented this state-of-the-art of the artificial intelligence algorithm that comes from the automotive sector. Its purpose is to provide your blubrake ABS with amazing performance as well as reliability and robustness.

Speed Sensor and Phonic Wheel

It measures in real time and with a high resolution the front wheel speed.


It displays the status of the ABS system

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